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Air Compressors

We service, repair and install air compressors of all sizes to fit your specific needs.


We are fully licensed by the New York City Fire Department to test air compressors receivers.


Our Air Compressor specialists will help determine the appropriate unit for your purposes and working environment.  Each installation is unique and the right equipment needs to be professionally installed.  We offer lubricated and oil-free (reciprocating)  Base Plate Mounted, Electric Stationary, Rotary Screw, Climate Control and Fire Sprinkler Air Compressors such as:


Extreme Duty Reciprocating Air Cooled
Horizontal Reciprocating Vertical
Splash Lubricated Two Stage Champion Duplex Compressors Duplex
Rotary Screw Reciprocating Oil-Less
Champion Medical Oil-less Air Compressor Medical Single & Two-Stage Champion Vacuum Pump Century 2000 Vacuum Pumps
Champion Climate Control Compressor Climate Control Truck Mounted
Portable Fire Sprinkler


Antler Electric is proud to represent:


Our knowledge, experience and expertise is second to none. 

We ship locally and across the nation, often on the same day. 

Please contact the sales department for an on-site consultation & comprehensive quote.

  (212) 534 - 2500 

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