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We have been rebuilding electric motors, pumps, fans, blowers and air compressors since 1945.  Our service fleet is prepared to perform repairs at your location where possible.  When not possible, we will transport your equipment to our facility and return it to you in perfect working order.

We take pride in our part of keeping your business operations running.

Electric Motor Repair Capabilities

  • Core Loss Testing
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Speed Reducer Repair
  • Load Testing
  • Pumps-Submersible Turbine & Centrifugal


  • VFD Rated Magnet Wire
  • Vector Motor and Control Repair
  • 2 Ton Bridge Crane
  • Class H Epoxy Varnish
  • 2000lb. Balancing Stand

Fan and Blower Services

Industry’s processing systems and environments require many variations and sizes of blowers and fans. We repair these devices on a daily basis.

Common problems with air-moving equipment can be caused by bad bearings, misalignment, electrical problems, blade wear, mechanical looseness, contamination, and base structures. The following activities are typical requirements:

  • Clean, inspect, and qualify the rotating element.
  • Check the total indicated run out of the shaft
  • Inspect and qualify the bearings and housing
  • Inspect and evaluate the drive, whether it is direct-coupled, belt driven, or shaft mounted.
  • Perform vibration analysis
  • Correct any condition related to the fan, blower, or prime mover, including the base mounting structure.


Air Compressors

Service is a must for all air compressors.  Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your compressor operating at peak performance.  Inadequate maintenance will greatly reduce the useful life of your compressor.  We service your compressor either on-site or at our repair facility, including the following:

  • Lubrication renewal
  • Air Filtration
  • Unloader valve adjustment
  • Hydrostatic tank testing 


We test run all electrical and mechanical repairs before returning the unit to you.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise is second to none. 

Please contact the service department for an on-site consultation & comprehensive quote.



  (212) 534 - 2500 

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